We have allowed for everything that is required to deliver a fully functional Custody Suite – in simple terms the floor, walls, roof, internal finishes, cells, custody desk, fixed furniture and van dock. Essentially everything you see on the drawings is included in the costs.

All publically funded CODE projects can be delivered through the Scape National framework, for which Willmott Dixon are the sole contractor.

CODE provides certainty – each design has a defined layout, an upfront specification, with a fixed cost and known time to construct.

By having a defined product we can lock into our extensive relationships with suppliers all over the UK. By making sure what we deliver is consistent with the specification, we can guarantee the price and delivery.


This is the one thing that can change the price of our product. It would not be good value to offer a design that allowed for every possible site anomaly. It is doubtful that it could be done.

The costs for each CODE product is based on a Nationally Averaged Price, which is then adjusted using an industry recognised set of price indices (BCIS) – published at http://www.rics.org/uk/knowledge/bcis – to reflect costs in your particular location.

Our expert design team can work alongside your project team to adapt the core models into a bespoke design to suit your individual project needs.

All CODE products can be personalised. You can choose the colours of your floor and wall finishes and also the doors, windows and the outside walls too – albeit the planners will have some say. This is included in the price.